Sunday, September 25, 2011


In response to APEC's (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) November 2011 conference in Honolulu, Eating in Public, in collaboration with Arm and Roller Press, Tadpole Studio, and others, has produced tee shirts and signs for distribution.

In July 2011 EIP utilized our website and Facebook to put out a call saying something like, "APEC is meeting in Honolulu in November. Eating in Public is up to something. We want all your old tee-shirts – Any color, size, design."

Approximately 800 to 1,000 shirts and flat sheets were dropped off (unscientific count because no one bothered to actually count them) and transported to Arm and Roller Press on September 6. Printing began in earnest on September 15 with a team of over 20. Since a controlled system of chance operated at each and every step, each shirt is unique. Amazing textual and visual juxtapositions abound, reaffirming that autonomy and agency is nothing to be afraid of.


Distribution started immediately. Periodic drop-offs will be made to Revolution Books Honolulu for dispersal. Free for people who will wear them. $5,000 for those who won't.

Related to these projects, Eating in Public will be taking part in two OFF[HRS] workshops at thirtynine hotel: September 29 and Oct 15 @ 6:30pm

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