Friday, May 18, 2012

Eating in Public at Flux Factory

An Eating in Public Seed-Sharing Station will be included in an exhibition entitled Bionic Garden at Flux Factory (Queens, New York) this June. The show invites viewers to "re-imagine urban spaces both private and public in an effort to bring resourcefulness and ingenuity to urban communities".

After the exhibition the station will be permanently adopted by FF as a working station. We hope that seeing how well the station works will entice others in the neighborhood to adopt one of their own. Since using fuel to send a station made of repurposed material all the way from Honolulu to Queens seems absurd, Jean Barberis, one of Flux Factory's founders and the exhibition's co-curator, will be building it with scrap wood at Flux Factory, based on plans drawn up by EIP (think Draw Winky).

These same plans are available for download from EIP's website. Download one and build your own Winky. Decals for signage, rubber stamps and other peripheries are available upon request from [].

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